Shiny Castle

Representation of path to God's mansion

To what does the abundant life point? If you believe in eternity, it may point to this: a room in God’s mansion prepared for you (John 14:2). If this sounds attractive, the obvious question is how do I get there?

The answer is both simple and complex. In the simple form, it is a matter of accepting 

Christ as your savior. The complexity arises when you consider the journey through life that such an acceptance entails. To this end, the words of Herbert O’Driscoll are illuminating.

“The road to the shining castle (God’s mansion) that is our true home is not clear and free and open. It is patrolled by demons and crossed by shadows. We have no choice about traveling this road. But we travel it in the company of one who ‘came into the world that he might destroy the works of the devil.’ “

O’Driscoll is emphatic that we cannot travel alone; we need a companion. And here we must choose who (or what) that companion is. Is it someone who is as blind as we our on the path? Is it someone who does not hold us as a top priority? Is it a thing, like money? Or an idea or philosophy?

O’Driscoll points to only one true companion and this is Jesus; loving, supportive, non-judgmental, unchanging. And the amazing thing about this companion is that He was sent to find us and guide us to the Father, to the Father’s “shiny castle.” 

Commit today to your true traveling companion.

Herbert O’Driscoll, Prayers for the Breaking of Bread, Cowley Publications

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