Investing In Faith

This is a post about the parallels between wise investing and true faith. It is not about how faith can increase your financial return on investment.

Today I participated in a phone conversation with my financial advisor who was responding to his clients concerning the decline in stock valuations, particularly in the major indices, during the last couple of months. The time frame includes the invasion of Ukraine, inflation near 40-year high, and stock volatility.

Here are his key points:

Don’t panic and sell.
Consider the long term.
Do your research.
Invest in quality.

How do these key financial points relate to faith?

1.  Don’t panic and sell

In times of distress, pain, and uncertainty we are tempted to abandon God and ask, “why me?” The history of investing and faith both includes ups and downs, seasons of joy and grief. Selling stocks or abandoning faith in these cycles ignores the facts of life-everything will return.

2.  Consider the long term

Short-term investors try to predict an unpredictable market. The market, like life, is not predictable. But what is predictable is God’s love: it is never failing.

3.  Do your research

The purpose of research is to attempt to discover insights into future performance based upon historical data. But the future remains unknown. The Bible, however, is a fully accessible database of God’s love and intention. Do your research on Scripture-it defines the future by accepting the past.

4.  Invest in quality

This is as simple as choosing between “life or death, blessing or curse.” There is no quality in this world that surpasses the quality of life that God promises to those who believe in Him and in His son. Choose quality.

Our life is an investment in eternity. How that investment pays out depends upon faith. God is our best return on investment.

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