Shiny Castle

Representation of path to God's mansion

To what does the abundant life point? If you believe in eternity, it may point to this: a room in God’s mansion prepared for you (John 14:2). If this sounds attractive, the obvious question is how do I get there? The answer is both simple and complex. In the simple form, it is a matter […]

The Fires of Sorrows

photo of fire representing the fires of sorrow

Oswald Chambers, in Receiving Yourself in the Fires of Sorrow, states that “sorrow either gives me to myself or it destroys me.” What he means is that sorrow can remove shallowness but not necessarily make someone a better person. Success, he says, cannot make you a better person for it leads to pride. So, are […]

You Will Be Staggered

You will be staggered when you discover how foolish you have been in not trusting Christ earlier. (Oswald Chambers)